3DO JoyPad - Challenger DX

3DO JoyPad - Challenger DX

Postby skel3DO » Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:18 am

I do not known if this forum still live, but I try...

I find these photos on one forum. This joypad probably missing in 3DO Accessory scan gallery.

3DO Challenger DX - ff2086b80731.jpg
3DO Challenger DX - ff2086b80731.jpg (176.62 KiB) Viewed 2812 times

3DO Challenger DX - b9e4ec9a9abc.jpg
3DO Challenger DX - b9e4ec9a9abc.jpg (151.81 KiB) Viewed 2812 times

Its look like 3DO version of SS JoyPad DX for Sega Saturn (here is a link - http://segaretro.org/SS_JoyPad_DX
but its just 3 button pad - if you look on image its has A, B, C on both upper and down line of buttons.

Its shame, because I have SS JoyPad AI (link here - http://segaretro.org/SS_JoyPad_AI
with is better - programable version of DX variant, also have little stering whell. SS JoyPad AI is very comfortable, ergonomic and in all other

parameters great joypad - in my opinion its best joypad for sega saturn (may be Saturn pad with analog joystick has some plus for some games

but in compare with any saturn joypad without analogue stick is SS JoyPad AI best !!, minimal IMHO).

Anyway ad this joypad to hardware database and if someone has it, write here you experiences with him.
May be that for 3DO exist also version of SS JoyPad AI and has real 6 buttons - that will be great... but that I probably want too much :-)
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